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Factors Facilitate Seed Germination

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

How to successfully germinate seeds?

Due to the recent lockdown, many work from home (WFH) individuals have adapted a new skill due to boredom. GARDENING!

However, many are confused as to what are the correct method to grow a successful garden of greenish vegetables.

Factors that facilitate seeds germination

Different seed varieties require various environmental factors to kickstart the germination process. Seed germination is when the seeds are woke from its dormancy, takes in water and begins the sprouting process.

It is crucial to provide the seeds all the necessary requirements for seed germination. Failure to adhere to these conditions may cause no seed germination at all.

. MOISTURE Out of all the factors listed, moisture is the most crucial element for seed germination. Without water, nothing will happen to the seeds. However, excessive amount of water will cause the seeds to rot. Therefore, germination peatmoss/cocopeat or soil should be moist and not soaked.

. OXYGEN Seeds, just like any other living things require oxygen to survive. Hence, soil should provide excellent drainage and medium looseness, in order to effectively allow air exchange through soil.

. TEMPERATURE Depending on the seed variety, the temperature requirement may vary. As an example, tomato seeds could germinate at our usual tropical temperature between 21-35 degrees while temperate varieties such as spinach will only germinate between 7-20 degrees.

. SOIL DEPTH Seed size is the determining factor for planting method. Bigger sized seeds are required to be planted slightly deeper than small seeds. As such, the amount of energy stored in bigger seeds are also much more abundant. If the energy are all used up before they reach the surface, the germination process will fail. Hence, follow the instructions given on the seed packets to ensure successful planting.

By grabbing hold of all these essential seed germination requirements, rest assure that you will be having a beautiful garden in no time!

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