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How To Care For Succulents

Succulent care can vary significantly from one plant to another, so refer to the care tag included with your plant for more information.

Light Most succulents worship the sun. Find a sunny spot for your plants where they can soak up those rays. Check your provided care tag for possible differences in care.

Temperatures The majority of the plants we ship are cold sensitive. If night temperatures are below 40° bring your plant indoors.

Water Water management is important with succulents. During the growing season, water them thoroughly when the soil is dry. During late fall and winter, cut back watering to once every 1-2 weeks, or possibly less if your plants will tolerate it.

Over-watering is the number one killer of plants. Keep in mind, succulents often thrive on neglect and are native to arid environments.

In general, if your potting soil is still moist, don’t water! That said, all plants need light and water to survive, so don’t forget them for too long.

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