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Should I Bath My Pet Rabbit? Are there Shampoo for Rabbits?

Rabbits, like cats are self-cleaning pets that grooms and cleans themselves regularly. Usually, the only thing us pet parents have to do is brush their undercoat to remove tangled fur or fallen.

However, sometimes our bunny might be slightly lazy and can sometimes smell a little.

Professionally speaking, it is still advisable to help out little Bugs Bunny a bit with occasional shampooing.

It would come in handy if Bunny Shampoos are easily available. But hey, you came to the right place.

But first, let us understand the types of shampoos available in the market that are for Rabbits.

Dry Shampoo

Rabbit dry shampoos are perfect for rabbits and small animals with sensitive skin. Although it is not recommended that you bath your bunny, but sometimes it is necessary.

For example, when water isn't available at the moment, or there are excessive amounts of dirt on their soft fur, a thorough rinse with dry shampoo can significantly help them remove prior to a wet bath,

Organic Shampoo

Try your best to look for organic shampoo for your rabbit. It is more gentle on their skin and is better for the environment. Rabbits have tender baby-like soft skin and therefore, conditioning shampoo is more recommended.

What brands Rabbit Shampoo we have available in Malaysia?

  1. Hyperallergy Shampoo for Rabbits (Organic)

  2. Professional Rabbit Shampoo with Essential Oils (Organic)

What are the lookouts when choosing shampoo for your rabbit?

Avoid using chemical based products

As a pet parent, we have a huge responsibility to make sure the items we provide for them are safe. Any food or shampoo or even treats should not have any chemicals in them which may affect the digestion and general health of the bunnies.

Avoid plant extract based ingredients

Many of us are not aware that plant based products my sometimes contain active ingredients that are unsafe for pets.

Now, some may ask. I have good organic shampoo which I use everyday. Is it safe for my bunny to use the same one as me? NO!!

Human shampoo are not recommended to be used on animals. Period.

Our shampoo are specially formulated to effectively remove soils and dust from our skin. Unlike rabbits, our skin are more durable as a whole and this could result in damages to rabbit skin if human shampoo are use. So, no.

What about baby shampoo? Well.. no.

Dog shampoo? no.

Just use rabbit specific shampoo please.

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