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Which to feed to your Rabbit? Alfalfa Hay or Timothy Hay?

Difference between Alfalfa Hay & Timothy Hay

There are plenty of choices in the market being Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay (Wheaten), Lucerne Chaff or Wheaten Chaff. Which are the ones that is most suited for your bunny baby. It is crucial to understand the differences, to help improve the health benefit it gives to your precious pet.

But! What are the differences between the options available. Lets find out !

Alfalfa Hay and Timothy Hay are very different in terms of nutrition. They're typically used in Rabbit and Guinea Pig diet. Alfalfa hay is richer in protein and calcium (as below)

Nutritional content


Protein Content* ~12-15% Crude Protein

Fiber* ~20-28%

Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio



Protein Content* ~8% Crude Protein

Fiber* ~32%

Calcium: Phosphorus Ratio


* Please note that the indications above are a rough estimation of the nutritional content in the products sold worldwide. For refence only. Not actual value.

Role of Calcium in Rabbit's Daily Diet

Rabbit metabolizes calcium rapidly and efficiently. They tend to excrete the calcium through their urine. Which is precisely why when rabbit urine dries, there are white crystal deposit which are calcium residue. Prevent from feeding excessive calcium to your rabbits as they may cause bladder stones if fed in excessive amounts. In this case, Timothy Hay might be a more suitable choice for your rabbit to prevent calcium over feeding.


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